Glenna Farms leads by example to promote sustainable agriculture

Family farms lead by example when it comes to promoting sustainable agriculture. They want the best for your livelihood and theirs! Sustainable agriculture is integral to the long-term health of our planet and its inhabitants.

  • Upgrade for efficiency: Investing in better equipment can make a big difference. We installed three-phase variable speed equipment to reduce electricity consumption by 40% in our sap collection process. In addition, we implemented the newest technology in our sap-to-syrup process to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 70%.
  • Go USDA Certified Organic: We are proud to be an USDA Certified Organic pure maple syrup producer since 2017. We follow strict guidelines to protect the environment and your health. We use conservative tapping methods for healthier trees, avoid harmful pesticides and herbicides, and maintain buffer zones to keep chemicals away. By being USDA Certified Organic, we add an additional layer of inspections to our operation. This means our sustainable agriculture practices are continually being reviewed, which provides us with the latest information on how we can continue to improve our sustainability.
  • Say no to plastic: Take a cue from us and ditch plastic where you can! We upgraded all of our sap holding tanks to stainless steel to reduce excess plastic in our production process, which also means that a food product doesn’t sit in plastic for an extended period of time. Upgrading to stainless steel comes at an expense that most producers don’t want to take on. We also eliminated the use of plastic bags in our retail store and production operation in 2019.
  • Consult outside industry professionals: We work with our peers in both the United States and Canada to ensure that we have the most up to date information on our industry

Farmers produce the food that is a necessity to life. Their long-term prosperity leads to your long-term prosperity. We are a proud family farm that is committed to promoting the importance of sustainable agriculture! 🌍💚